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sup fisher  fishing and yoga set up

This is my favorite way to use the SupStage.  This is a taller version. The SupStage frame work is 12 inches tall.  We attached some removable boards that have been covered with a foam pad for comfort.  Attached a Trolling motor and your ready to take it fishing or Yoga time or  just out for a tour.  A Bunch of fun on the water.

                     Kids are Ready to Go for a CRUZ !

kids sailing the sup cruzer

           Surf Expo in Orlando Fl. Our Booth Sept 2015
with two inflatable  Kona Boards attached with an AeroTech 7.5 surf sail Rig.

koan boards attached with aerotcch sail for windsurfing

Sup Catamaran, Sup Cruzer sup sailing Supsxtreme Stand up paddle board sail boat what every you want to call it.

Just have fun with the sport of stand up paddling.

Our new  App the Sup Search directory will be a fast and easy way for you to find what ever your looking for that has anything to do with the stand up paddle board industry.

Oru Kayaks with a Sup fishing Deck Attached
Sup Search App Directory
Sup Search App Directory

Oru Kayak with 7.5 meter Sail Attached,  Holy ###wowa#

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Small Beach Chair Set Up,  Cool Cruiser, yeah Man  !

Sup Search App Directory

Above Photo is a deck that was put together with a pair of folding  Plastic tables.  Watch The Video about this set up.

desolation standup paddle board race sail attached

         Stage and Trampoline used as a SUN BLOCKER  

sup stage sup xtreme stage set u0p

Here is  the Standard Original Sup Curzer Sup
Catamaran  Kit attached to 2 paddle boards,   

 Below is all the parts from the rig Above.

sup stage sup xtreme stage set u0p

 Every thing above fits in the 48" bag below

isle board attached to supsxtreme sup stage

           Kayak wide ride for six people

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The photo below is showing  two Kayaks with the 7 inch high Supstage set up with trampoline attacted . 

Sup Search App Directory

Here is the SupStage with the Trampoline attached to it. The term Trampoline is a used to describe the blue material.  It is not used to bounce on, like in the back yard.

sup stage sup xtreme stage set u0p

The set up above makes a great camping bed or beach lounge chair.

Shown below with the  Airline ATA  flight case that every thing breaks down and packs away in is being used as a back rests.

supsxtreme camping bed and lounge

Two 12' 6" Desolation Outdoors Co,  hard boards attached.

desolation standup paddle board race sail attached

   Below is the 7 inch high stage on 2 Kayaks 

Below is the Ratchet  Set of 4 to attach your board or Kayaks Securely to the Stage platform

left is all the Stage Parts with Ratchet Straps