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Sup Fun Kit: Catamaran  sailing, fishing, yoga, works with Stand Up Paddle Boards or Kayaks. A fun relaxing  way to get back on the water with friends and family after a good paddle or workout.

Sup Fun Kit:  Just attach two  Stand up paddle boards  or even two Kayaks and sail set up to build a sailing Catamaran for fun on the water a quick and easy kit setup.  (click for details)

Full kit disassembled as shown shows you all the parts you will receive when you order a full kit. Once assembled together you can be up and sailing within 30 minutes or less.

The Sup Stage Aluminum Frame work is the platform for you to add your Stand up paddle boards, or Kayaks to and any type of deck you can build. 

This example is a Sup Stage with Trampoline attachedh
(Note: Trampoline is referred to the tarp material in the sailing industry. They are not what is used to bounce on)

           Get creative like this full race sail with two
             blow up paddle boards by Kona boards.