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Pleasure meeting you at Surf Expo, I’ve been working on some exciting new features that I will be adding to the Sup Search TV App which will make it an even more enjoyable experience for anyone who down loads our Free App. I wanted to touch base with you about having your company either in our App the (Sup Search TV) directory, or HAVING YOUR OWN APP built

Be in our App for 1 Year  with 10 pages that would include Videos and links to where ever you want to send viewers of ouir App. 

Cost would be $597 for one year for 10 pages.

if you want more pages they would be an additional $50 per page

The companies who jump in early  would be listed  at the front of the line of others who would come along later. It is possible for me to insert a company in the front pages of the app at any time but dose take a bit more work for me and my team to accomplish for an additional Fee. 



COST FOR 1 YEAR  $1497.

The App will be a free download for anyone who becomes a subscriber to find what there searching for fast, with far less work, which means no typing and a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Once the app is loaded up to the iTunes News  and Google Play the hardest work is over.

I can make changes to the app on a daily basis easily within your pages in the App. I can add content such as text, photos and videos and also links to what every page you would like the subscribers to go to on your website.

Also once a company like yours is in the app I can send my subscribers a text message knows as a (Push Notification). This is a great way to announce something new or special that your company is doing  or any  new product launches that are coming soon.

(I will do the work for you)

For those companies I showed the sample App to at the show and who were not in the App its best for you to jump on board early so we will help you get it going.

Just tell me what  pages on your website you would like to have in the app and myself and my team will get on it. I will place up to 5 pages of your content at this time in the App.

(Note: We will not make entirely new content for you, we will just use artwork and content you already have on your site or advertising ads you may have had done for you.)

(Use Your Existing Ads in the App)

If you have an advertising ad or banner we can use that in the app.

Simply show me the URL web address or pages on your site you would like to start with and we will put it together. If we feel that we would like to add a bit more color or make a change to the existing art we may do so to enhance the page.

(Stake Your Claim Fast)

The important thing now is to get in the app fast. Try not to worry about what’s coming in the future or 2016 we can insert the new stuff later.

Just stake your claim or hold your place in line with some content.

Using Your Own Design Team to build Your Pages

(Using Your Own Content Design Team)

If you want to build your own pages here is all I need from you.

The pages have to be this size and delivered to me as a PDF.

768 wide x 1028 pixels tall.

Using these diminution’s you should also make your text fonts at least 17pts.  


Using the above information you will see that most of your existing web pages are larger than what is available to put on a single mobile app page for mobile devices like phones or tablets. So if you are building your own layout please be aware of the size restrictions.

You may have to make two pages for the mobile device using the above diminution’s  if you intend to place all your content from a  single  webpage into the app.


Thank you for your time please contacts me if you have any questions.

(Any Questions Please Contact Me Here)


Bruce Lamb

Lamb Productions – SupsXtreme

(800) 495-8444       [email protected]